Beautiful And Protected, Even At High Altitude

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Here we are: winter is coming and the peaks start to snow. If you are ready to launch yourself on the snow at high altitude, you must never forget an optimal face protection to avoid the damages of an inconsiderate exposure. Dermatologists and experts agree: in the sun, yes, but with due precautions . The sun is life and its rays possess beneficial virtues and are good for the moral because they act as a natural antidepressant stimulating the production of endorphins and serotonin, fundamental for the psycho-physical balance and able to give that pleasant feeling of well-being and good mood. However, excess is harmful: ultraviolet rays and free radicals can pose a threat to the health and beauty of our skin.

Bariésun offers a complete range of sun treatments ideal for all types of epidermis and specific to meet every need. All formulas are photostable, resistant to water and sweat and free of octocrilene, alcohol and parabens. A wide range of non-greasy, transparent or colored textures, odorless or characterized by a pleasant fragrance.


The innovative high performance anti-UVA and anti-UVB filtering system without octocrene (the chemical filter responsible for many skin allergies) ensures optimal protection for any type of skin, normal or sensitive. In the sun at high altitudes, however, it is not enough to protect oneself from UV rays; we must also defend ourselves against other risk factors: free radicals pose a threat to the beauty and youthfulness of the epidermis and can cause alterations to the functional structures of the cells. The Bariésun line, thanks to the association of vitamin E, vitamin C and Eau Thermale d’Uriage promotes a valid antioxidant protection.


The Crème Dorée SPF 50+ face cream is particularly recommended to protect the skin without giving up a golden and natural color, a “3 in 1” treatment that protects from the sun’s rays, moisturizes and has an anti-oxidant effect, also giving a pleasant make-up effect. A solar stick is also essential for all parts of the face most exposed to atmospheric agents such as the Stick Bariésun SPF 50+ to protect even the most fragile and overexposed areas such as ears, nose and lips, even in extreme conditions, and to avoid chapping, dryness. and redness.



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