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We talked about sunscreens here and how they protect our skin from the negative effects of the sun. Now let’s talk a little about the types of sunscreens . Did you know that the market offers several options of this product? There are gel, cream and even spray-based protectors to make our life even easier. Let us know the advantages of each of these types so it will be easier for you to choose yours.

Solar Protector Gel

The sunscreen gel focuses on the rapid obscuring and does not leave that look shiny on the skin. It is indicated for those who have oily skin as it is oil-free . Oil-free means oil-free , unlike an ordinary sunscreen oil-free protector ensures that the skin does not get oily excessively. So if you have oily skin do not think twice, buy a sunscreen gel. The value is not very different from the common guards and it’s worth it! You can check the price of gel sunscreens right here at CliqueFarma.

Cream Sunscreen

This is the most common type of sunscreen, if you have normal or dry skin you can use it without any problem. Just be aware of information such as FPS and time in the water. An important tip if you have oily skin and will use sunscreen on cream . There are oil-free versions of the product only in the formulation yet other components can cause excessive oiliness. No Cliquefarma you also find and compare prices of sunscreen cream..

Sunscreen Spray

Without doubt one of the best inventions since the creation of sunscreen. The sunscreen spray is easy to handle, easy to apply and its setting is very good. Even with the price a little higher its benefits end up compensating. The main advantage of this product is in the fixation to the skin, not leaving with that appearance hone. Take a look at sunscreen spray prices here at ClickFarma, just click on the link.

The market offers great options and has for all tastes and pockets what you can not do is stay without protecting yourself from the sun. Health is always in the first place, so choose the best type of sunscreen for you and start protecting yourself right now.

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