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Why should we use the highest possible protection factor?

The application quantity for the standardized measurement of the protection factor amounts to about 30 ml for the whole body. In fact, people apply only 15 ml on average, thus reducing the effectiveness of sun protection up to 50%. For this reason it is advisable to use a sun protection factor (SPF) higher than what is expected for your skin type.

What is the photostability of a filter?

Photostable means that during the entire sun exposure the filter maintains its effectiveness and is not deactivated by UV rays.

Why should the cream be applied half an hour before exposing itself to the sun?

In principle, sun protection is effective immediately, that is, from the moment it is applied to the skin. To make sure that sun protection is applied everywhere and optimally, a half-hour time frame has been established. Sunburn, in fact, often occur already on the way to go to the beach or pool.

What UV filters are used in sunscreen products and what is their effect?

There are two types of UV filters: mineral (physical) and organic (chemical). The use of UV filters in Switzerland is legally regulated.

Mineral UV filters contain small particles that reflect UV rays, thereby protecting the skin from sunlight.

Organic UV filters are substances that absorb UV rays and neutralize them.

In order to cover the widest possible range of UV rays (UVA and UVB), numerous UV filters are used in a sunscreen.

Can the protection time be extended by applying the cream again?

Applying the cream several times is important and necessary to ensure safe protection. Repeating the application, however, does not extend the expected exposure time.

Using a higher protection filter, is it still possible to tan?

Even with high protection, staying in the shade or in cloudy weather, it is possible to get a tan. Obviously more slowly, but also more lastingly.

What are the triggers of an allergy to the sun?

UVA rays cause allergy to the sun (polymorphic photodermatitis), which typically occurs in areas of the body suddenly exposed to the sun, such as décolleté and arms.

Can I expose myself to the sun during pregnancy and can I use any sun product?

During pregnancy, the change in hormonal balance can increase the sensitivity of the skin. When exposed to the sun, dark spots may appear on the face, the so-called “pregnancy mask”. Therefore, during pregnancy use the protection factor 50.


Is it appropriate to make lamps before exposing yourself to the sun?

In the solarium it is mainly exposed to UVA rays, which contribute to a darker coloring of the pigments. However, there is no new formation of pigments, such as the one that occurs with sun exposure and the natural range of UVA / UVB rays. Therefore, there is little protection, which does not in any way replace a safe sunscreen. Also, making the lamps regularly constitutes additional UV radiation, thus causing premature aging of the skin.

Does a face cream with a protective factor have the same effect as a sunscreen?

The difference between a day cream with sun protection factor (SPF)and a sunscreen lies in the consistency and quantity of protective filters, which are greater in sun protection products. It should also be added that in a sunscreen product the ratio between UVA and UVB filters is perfectly balanced.

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