Sun Protection: A Guide

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when you are about to leave for the long-awaited summer vacation, a rather widespread uncertainty is about sun protection . How should protective products be chosen? What characteristics should they have? How should they be applied to make the most of the action? Here is a guide to “instructions for use”.

 Choice of the solar: attention to the phototype and the texture

When buying a sunscreen product, the first element to keep in mind is its phototype , a classification based on the characteristics of the complexion and the hair, which indicates the reactions that the skin manifests following exposure to the sun .

The lower the phototype is, the more sunscreen to use must be high to avoid risks and skin problems. For those presenting a skin type “1” and therefore has a very light complexion and tends to burn easily, the protection factor must be very high, ie it must correspond to the word “Spf 50+” on the product packaging. Those who have a phototype “6”, ie very dark skin and hair, can opt for a low protection, indicated with the initials “Spf 6 to 10”.

In the choice of solar , the peculiarities of the texture must also be taken into account. The creams, being rich and full-bodied, are more suitable for people with light or sensitive skin. The oils , presenting a texture that tends to attract the sun’s rays, are more suitable for those with dark skin.

 Solar panels from the previous year: can they be used?

The solar products opened the previous year should not be re-used: they may have lost their effectiveness, thus failing to protect the skin adequately.

It should also be remembered that sunscreens, like all cosmetics, have an expiration date, indicated on the packaging with the PAO , symbol represented by an open jar. The PAO shows the period of time within which the cosmetic product can be used following its opening, in order not to see its effects altered.

 Solar: how to apply them

To obtain maximum effectiveness from solar products it is important to spread them several times throughout the day. The ideal is to do it every two hours, since the sweat can clarify the effects, and always after every shower or dive in the sea or swimming pool , even in the case of “water proof” products , ie water resistant.

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