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In order to fully protect yourself from the harmful UV radiation from the sun, you should stay indoors. Due to the good use of sunscreen is fortunately not necessary. Last week we gave you tips on how to protect your skin well. This week we explain the effects of sunburn.

 UV radiation

There are three different types of UV radiation. UVA, UVB and UVC. The sunlight that reaches our earth consists of approximately 95% of UVA radiation. You do not burn, but it penetrates deep into your skin, where it causes damage to your DNA. UVA also ensures that your skin ages.

UVB is the variant that causes your skin to burn if you do not protect well against the sun. It also ensures the production of vitamin D. This vitamin together with calcium for strong bones.

Finally, there is UVC. Fortunately, this variant does not reach the earth. It is the most harmful of the three.

 Skin burn

On a normal working day you regularly get outside when it’s good. You cycle to work or walk to the supermarket. The minutes that you are in the sun is enough for your body to make vitamin D. Are you longer in the sun than you have to rub.

If you lie in full sun and you have not smeared yourself, after a while you feel that your skin starts to puncture. This is the first sign that your skin is burning. Your skin has not had enough time to make pigment under the influence of the sun to protect your skin.


The effect of sunscreen

To prevent your skin from feeling red and painful after sunbathing, it is best to apply sunscreen with your skin half an hour before sunbathing. These are available in different variants. There are creams that protect you from UVB, but also protect you from UVB and UVA. You must have the latter. Not only UVB, but UVA also damages your skin.

The sunscreen that only protects against UVB works on the basis of chemical sunscreens. The ingredients of this variant convert the radiation into a harmless form. The disadvantage of chemical filters is that they are rather unstable, which reduces their effect.

The sunscreen that protects you against both UVA and UVB radiation works on the basis of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Together these ingredients work as a kind of mirror that reflects the sunlight.

The factor of sunburn

The factor of sunscreen is also important. If you take too low a factor, you still have a chance to burn. The question now is which factor you should take.

If you lie down in the sun without protection and you burn after ten minutes, you will burn after 4 minutes after a sunscreen with factor (SPF) 4. At factor ten that is after 100 minutes. The factor indicates how much longer you can basically safely lie in the sun. In practice, however, it does not work that way. Sand, (sea) water and sweat ensure that this time is considerably shortened.

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