Use Of Sunscreen And Its Importance In Skin Care

In Skin Care

Although some people enjoy the arrival of heat, the illuminated days and also the sun, the truth is that the exposure to this is not favorable for our skin. Therefore, protection is paramount, when going outdoors, and sunscreen will be the product that can help us prevent diseases related to ultraviolet rays, to combat premature aging and also to prevent injuries caused by sunny days .

If you worry about buying sunscreen only to go to the beach or use it during your vacation, then consider some of these points related to the use of sunscreen and its fundamental role in skin care.

Wrinkles, spots and sunscreen

If your skin is mistreated, you feel that you have too many wrinkles for your age or are starting to get spots on your skin, most likely due to the lack of use of a blocker, and if your skin is delicate or too white, then the risk of premature aging is greater. If you want to avoid that your skin look battered, neglected and unhealthy, you need to use sunscreen in a disciplined way (without forgetting its use during each day) and above all understand that using sunscreen does not only have an aesthetic function, but also It helps to take care of your health.

Different types of skin and use of sunscreen

Some of the reasons that lead us to buy a blocker are its brand, price and solar factor. However, the type of skin we have also influences the blocker we should use and which is more suitable for each one of us. If you have oily skin it is recommended that you prefer a gel, lotion, fluid or any type of blocker with light texture, for women with mixed skin it is best to opt for a sunscreen gel or cream gel presentation, while for dry skin The best alternative is a product in cream format. In addition, skins that are too light should use blockers with a factor between 30 and 50 FPS, while brunettes may use a factor as low as 15 FPS.

Expiration date

If you usually buy a large container of sunscreen and do not use it very often (which is why there is a lot of product) which you use every year, maybe you are damaging your skin. Sunscreen, like cosmetics, have an expiration date and will not last forever stored inside your cosmetiquero or the furniture that is inside your bathroom Although an unopened sunscreen can last up to 3 months, once opened , it is recommended to use the product until 6 months later, since they begin to diminish their protection properties. It is necessary to bear in mind that the application of a defeated blocker can irritate the skin and also stops offering protection from the sun.

Choosing a solar factor

When buying a sunscreen, we tend to choose one that has a higher factor, since we assume that the larger that number will offer better level of care against ultraviolet rays. The higher the solar factor does not mean that it offers greater protection against sun exposure, but that its coverage will last longer and it will be necessary to reapply less frequently. For example, a factor of 50 requires at least 2 applications a day, while a minimum of 4 times a day.

How many times should I apply it?

If you think it is enough to apply the sunscreen every morning, before your makeup routine, then you are wrong. The sun protection lasts maximum between 6 and 8 hours, so it is necessary to apply it at least 2 times a day or otherwise, you will not be fully protected from sun exposure. Due to the above, the recommendation is to have a sunscreen that you use in your home, before going outside, and another small one that you carry inside your wallet, backpack or purse, so that you can apply it whenever necessary.

Blocker only in summer?

Although when we were little the popular belief was that the sunscreen was used only during sunny days or holiday period, the truth is that you should use it 365 days a year, even on cloudy days. Considering that the ozone layer is damaged more and more, we need to protect our skin from the sun, since the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause is irreparable. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it on your skin at least 30 minutes before exposing yourself directly to the sun.


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